Activities & Trips

At Barbara's Village we want you to have the best African experience possible. Apart from bringing Ghana closer to you in the village through traditional cuisine, accommodation, cultural events or workshops, we also prepared some trips to make exploring Ghana for you as easy as possible.


This is a great opportunity for those on a limited time schedule that wish to see as much as possible. It is also perfect for those who are new at exploring Africa and wish to have somebody to help them on the way. 
Ghana has beautiful sandy beaches which slowly give way to the sea and are surrounded by palm trees. 


Ghanaian culture, languages, customs and nature are beyond description and I will not even try to express their wonderfulness. The people are without the doubt the nicest people in the world! 
If you travel inside Ghana you can see beautifully preserved rainforest with all its exotic birds, monkeys and other animals that you only saw in the zoo so far. 
Ghana is the experience you will never forget.